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The longer I work as a solution focused hypnotherapist the more I realise we all lose our direction in life, at times.   

I’ve found that a lot of my clients come with a goal, to lose weight, ease anxiety, improve sleep, stop smoking and so on. Often these issues are underpinned on repetition, habit and a feeling there just is not enough time. We get ourselves stuck in a loop, getting things done, being busy and then losing enjoyment in life.  

Solution focused hypnotherapy is a great way to step off the treadmill, but here are a few other techniques and tricks which may help you in the mean time.  

Get some head space!
Due to the Internet, TV and all their offspring (Facebook, instagram, Netflix etc) our minds are on the go a lot. This over stimulation creates exhaustion, a lack of energy and can cause an overactive mind.  

Reducing screen time and having time to rest and replenish our mind is key. An interesting thing to check is your screen time usage (which can be found on most devices). You may be surprised!

Having dedicated screen time is beneficial. It highlights those habits of just picking up the phone or device, which up until now you may not have really noticed. It also makes you more mindful of what you look at, in the time you have. 

Meditation is mentioned in the blog, ‘Get off the treadmill’. This is such a powerful tool, which you can take with you anywhere. It eases the mind, aids healing of the body and brings about soothing chemicals and hormones to help us rejuvenate. Do this as regularly as you can and try new styles until you find the one that suits you. 

Recognise those not so helpful thoughts! This to me is key to being more resilient in life and regaining control. We have enough things to manage in a day, but to have unhelpful thoughts too is just unfair! So being mindful and recognising when that unhelpful voice/thought starts will give you the ability/intention to do something about it. You could ignore it or tell it to be quiet. Hypnotherapy techniques are able to turn down those unhelpful thoughts, which can be transformational.  

“You Time” is so important. If we fill everyone else’s cup up we have nothing left in ours! Taking time out doing something you enjoy will give you a sense of fulfilment, satisfaction and relaxation. Here are a few suggestions of the types of things you may like to try: reading, writing, walking, being with friends/family, exercise, art, connecting with nature, making new connections; the list can go on and on.

Enjoy all or a few of these suggestions. Do get in touch to let me know how you get on or if you’re interesting in how hypnotherapy can help you further, I’d be pleased to answer any questions.

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