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Nutrition programmes and Performance coaching

Welcome to Performance Coaching, where we specialise in integrating performance nutrition education into school sports programs.

Our mission is to establish robust frameworks that ensure student-athletes receive adequate fueling to support their health, wellbeing, and athletic performance. Additionally, we offer expert youth performance coaching to help young athletes reach their full potential. Partner with us to build a thriving sports ethos centred around optimal nutrition and peak performance.

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School Sports Performance Nutrition Programme

School Sports & Performance Nutrition Programme

We help you build performance nutrition education into your school’s sporting ethos and put frameworks in place that allow adequate fuelling, supporting student athlete health, wellbeing & performance

team coaching services

Team coaching

We work with sports team across all sports and all levels to help coaches and young athletes get the best out of training and competition

one to one coaching brighton sussex

One to one coaching

We offer premium one to one coaching to young athletes & their families across all sports and all levels

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We love working with young athletes and their teams. From world class power lifters, tennis players, international footballers, boxers, triathletes and track athletes, to those who just want to know how to fuel themselves to enjoy the sport they play.

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